The City of Austin

The city of Austin is the setting for the this campaign.

The city is populated and stationed with all the current figures of Austin.
NOTE: any person elected or not is not actually who they are in this campaign only similar in name. ALL ACTIONS AND IDEAS are the creation of the STORYTELLER and for the purpose of STORY. My players are capable of seeing this separation, if you as a reader can’t tough.

Austin is populated with about 40 regular vampires but with a mixed split of Camarilla and Sabbat. Though the Camarilla will claim they control the city, they honestly don’t, no sect does yet. The Camarilla claims north Austin and the Sabbat take the east side. There are a few richer vampires that take housing in the downtown in the contested land of political strife. There are mages south of the lake and rumors of a temple/Greater node of power somewhere. The Mexican drug cartel as also taken up a foot hold in Austin’s east side. Whether or not the Sabbat has made this happen or lets it happen is unknown to the Camarilla. The werewolves are then in the surrounding wild/feral lands and sometimes are reported as close as West Lake. The other Fay Folk and supernaturals are expected but not confirmed reported yet. There is however now one Immortal in Austin that may change the power scales in Austin.

Other city changes that are to come will be posted as recorded, encountered, or needed for the campaign.

The City of Austin

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