The Book of Austin

Command Blood Hunt
The stage is set and the players take their first steps

Colleen lays asleep one day outside of Austin to the North under some trees. Between the dreams she is having she hears the ghostly whisper, “In the beginning there was only Caine.”

Meanwhile in Austin Forrest, Julian, and Marcus are each heading to sleep when they hear the ghostly whisper, “In the beginning there was only Caine.” Seeing as they were each alone in there homes and no one in sight they pass it off for the most part.

During all their next dreams they see a dual image. The first image is that of two brothers late 20’s to mid 30’s in semi nomadic clothing in a field. The old brother of the two drops back and the feeling of intense hate and malice swells in the character’s minds. The older brother picks up a rock and then begins to bash in the skull of in younger brother only to stop when his brother is long dead. He stops not because he is regaining his senses or feels sorry but content and better. The second image that is overlaid the first also of two brothers. These brothers are roughly the same age but with the feeling these two are French and wear working middle quality cloths. In this image the brothers are walking through a vineyard. At the same time as in the first image the older brother drops back but in this image the older brother pulls out some vine clippers and proceeds to stab his younger brother from behind.

Colleen, Forrest, and Marcus wake from the dream. Each awake to their phones not to far away, on, and with notification that they have a new message. Colleen though is alarmed at this sight since see remembers having the phone in her pocket with the battery removed. After quickly looking around she cannot detects nothing which gives further notice since she has not see anything for the past day and a half. Each check their phones and see a new text message which reads, “He who murdered his brother out of anger. He who was cast out.” They then notice that the sender for the text message is UNKNOWN. Forrest and Marcus both then head to sleep after reading their new text message since the are vampires and it is now late and their sleep was interrupted with that dream.

Colleen on the other hand finishes with getting up for the day and then continues on walking to Austin with her envelop parcel. She also again removes the battery to her phone as not to be traced. Since getting the message she decides to talk a slightly out of the way walking to Austin and so enters Austin from the Northeast. She heads to downtown, gets her phone turned on, and finds a secluded place to sleep since her contact would not be up for several hours and could expect to be up late tonight with the vampire. Into the early evening Karsh makes contact and tells her to met him in the blood bar at the corner of 37th and Guadalupe St between 11:30 pm and midnight. Colleen then proceeds to change into her set of clean cloths and dons her trench coat to properly conceal her sword. She starts walking up to the bar and gets there at 11:15 pm.

Being early risers, Forrest, Julian, and Marcus got up early in then in evening with the last glimpses of sunlight fading behind the horizon. Julian notices he as a message on his phone which reads the same as the others unbeknown to him. This causes him to try to remember what his sire Neil Graham which is just ideas of a Book of Nod and some other book but can’t remember anymore. They each have a note passed under their door’s to them. Except for Marcus they each open and read them promptly. Marcus on the other hand decides to get ready and finish his wake and refresh routine before taking the note from his door man. The note states they have been requested for a meeting with Karsh at the blood bar on 37th and Guadalupe between 11:30pm and midnight. Knowing he is the cities Camarilla’s Gangrel primogen though not of their clan standing up any primogen could not be in their best interest they plan on going to the meeting. Julian gets ready and decides to wear one of his summer English cut three piece suits and a simple cane for the evening. Marcus decides to don one of his more expensive but sexy looking suits. Forrest on the other hand wears his gray not quite fitting suit and heads out to take the bus.

The first to arrive at the bar is Colleen at 11:15pm. She walks up to the nondescript bar and walks up to the bouncer that looks jacked up on something, like vamp blood and so she just says she is here for Karsh and the meat head lets her by. Inside takes mental note of the layout with a quick glance. The bar is on the entrance wall to her right, there a a scattering of tables in the first section with the dance floor in the center of the building surrounded with curtained off alcoves with different types of lounging inside. There is a door on the southern wall between two alcoves and in the rear of the building another door. She also notices the alcoves in the back appear to have solid walls or at least the two in the rear corners from the entrance. She takes the last seat of the bar so that her back is to the wall and has a view over a vast majority of the place. The music is a light buddha-bar trance music and the people milling about are mostly mortals. She can see some vampires in the crowd of people but for most part it is still early. As the light swaying of the mob on the floor moves in beat with the music she orders an orange juice and waits for her host. While she waits she has two vampires approach her fiery secluded self and as if she looking for something else. The first being clearly one of the biker brute Brujah’s Colleen just says she is taken by Karsh which just makes the brute turn away with a slight huff. Her second encounter is from a picturesque vampire that even while being told she is spoken for is met with the conversation killing skills of Colleen.

Julian arrives next to the bar at 11:30pm. He walks to the bouncer and bypasses the short line that was starting to form outside the bar. He simply says states he has a meeting with Karsh and walks in. Inside the music has changed to modern dance music with a the dance floor getting close to full. He sees the blatant miss use of power with some vampires affecting those dancing with them and scoffs at the neonates. He walks to the bar and orders an expensive scotch and proceeds to walk through the bar and stands in the background.

Forrest is technically the next to arrive at the bar. He rode the bus as close he could and then walked the rest. When walking up he sees the line and decides to take a position in it. He does take notice that it appears to be line two lines as some of the people are moving and others are not but does not act. He does concentrate and starts looking, starring at the bouncer to see his aura. He gets the impression that this is not the normal human and is in fact a ghoul with the feelings of distrustful, angry, and suspicious. During his wait he does see a rich playboy bypass the line and head right in.

Marcus walks up to the bar after parking his BMW just before 11:45pm. He looks at the line and just laughs to himself. He walks right up to the bouncer, passes him a 100, and says he is meeting Karsh. He enters the bar and makes a quick look for Karsh. He sees his host isn’t there yet and proceeds to have a bit of fun and a bite to eat. He walks out onto the dance floor and looks for a equally good looking “sexy” man and circles him on the floor while give THE LOOK. Once the mortal notices and gives response the two dance suggestively together and then Marcus takes him back to one of the open side alcoves and drinks a little bit of his blood.

Meanwhile it is now approaching midnight and Karsh enters the bar. Karsh makes a quick scan of the bar and catches Colleen’s eye. With a glance he tells her to wait there and goes in search of his others he called for. He circles around the floor and notices Marcus eating and sees Julian. Julian meets Karsh’s eyes as he make a nod to follow him up to the bar. Karsh then walks up and takes the stool next to Colleen and Julian stays just ten feet behind. Karsh opens with, “In a minute the others will be here for our meeting.”

Mere minutes before midnight Forrest stops starring and walks out and ahead of the line to the bouncer. As he stumbles through his words that he is invited and needs to get into the bar all the while showing his note to meet Karsh]. The bouncer grumbles and questions how this sorry vampire got an invitation but lets him through. Marcus finishes his drink and orders a drink for his previous meal. Both notice Karsh at the bar with someone standing behind him and both approach slowly from rear flanks. As the approach a chipper little cute girl has made her way under Karsh’s right arm. As the last two approach and a the group of vampires and immortal notice that Karsh casts no reflection in the mirror on the other side of the bar.

“Now that you are all here…” Karsh opens with. The bar dance music grows load to the point the walls reverberate with the bass. "The is a problem with a Sabbat Termere using Boiling Blood in the open and so there is now a blood hunt for him. The previous group of neonates that the Prince sent earlier have been killed. I am making this worth your while to do this and I want you to take this mortal with you and make a head motion towardsColleen . At that he lifts his hand and Colleen slides the along the bar to Karsh. Karsh continues with, “I want this to be quite and this vampire needs to be eliminated. This is a now rules Blood Hunt and even the Prince has given the approval that ANY means is allowed. This east Austin problem needs to be removed quickly.”

“Shouldn’t we just keep this a internal matter and do we need the other?” response Marcus.

Karsh replies with, “I know she has some abilities that will be useful and I want her to be part of this hunt. I will be greatly displeased if this is a public event and I will not be happy.” As Karsh makes his last comment, everyone else hears a low metal bending sound and see Karsh simply stroking the bar with his finger and bending the bar in as if it was butter. The poor girl under his arm has gone beyond scared and is just bearly shaking but not making any other moments seems frozen. Karsh finishes the conversation with, " Now with that I’ll leave you to figure out your plans and meet each other." At that Karsh stands up and takes his arm pet through the crowd in which they disappear and the music returns to a normal volume.

Julian turns about and finds a drink from someone new to the bar that has not yet had the euphoria from a drinking. Julian returns and the small group then decides to go to the north Austin Elysium to talk more.


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