Colleen of Dublin

Nature: Survivor
Demeanor: Loner
Concept: –
Clan: None
Generation: None
Sire: Immortal

— Attributes —




Strength 2
Charisma 3
Perception 4
Dexterity 5
Manipulation 2
Intelligence 3
Stamina 2
Appearance 3
Wits 3

— Abilities —




Alertness 3
Animal Ken 1
Academics 1
Athletics 2
Craft 0
Computer 1
Awareness 0
Drive 2
Finance 0
Brawl 1
Meditation 3
Investigation 0
Empathy 0
Etiquette 2
Law 0
Intimidation 2
Firearms 2
Medicine 2
Leadership 1
Larceny 0
Occult 0
Streetwise 2
Melee 0
Politics 0
Subterfuge 0
Performance 0
Science 0
Masquerade 0
Stealth 3
Technology 1
Instruction 0
Survival 4
Hacking 0
Dodge 4
Demolitions 0
Herbalism 3
Scan 3
First Aid 0
History 2
Hobby 0
Pilot 0
Lore: Immortal 1
Expression 1
Blind Fighting 2
Language 5
T’ai Chi Ch’uan: Do 5
Area Knowledge:
T’ai Chi Ch’uan: Do Melee 5
Earth Geography 4

— Advantages —




Quickening 4
Resources: Odd Jobs 1
Conscience/Conviction 3
Allies: Garou 1
Allies: Inuit 1
Resources: Artifacts 1
Self-Control/Instinct 4
Contacts: Gangrel 1
Courage 3


— Merits & Flaws —

—Humanity/Path —

— Willpower —

Jack of Trades +5
Humanity 7
Permanent Willpower 7
Code of Honor
Temporarily Willpower 7
(keeps word)

—Blood Pool —

— Weakness —

Curiosity -2
Max Blood: -
Her Neck
Emotional Isolation -1
Current Blood: -
Bard’s Tongue -1
Blood Per Turn: -




90 lbs., small frame with toned muscles and looks like she doesn’t get regular meals
Green Eyes
Red hair roughly shorn short

Appearance: she is usually dressed in old, torn up clothes with many layers, the appearance of a street person. When she dresses up she wears old jeans and t-shirts with a beat up trench coat.


Born in approximately 1550 AD in the town of Dublin, Ireland to unknown parents who died while she was young. She grew up as a street urchin where she survived as part of a children’s street gang. At the age of 12 she was taken in by an old midwife/nurse who she did favors for. She was fascinated by the art of saving peoples lives and became the woman’s apprentice. Being without family and rather pretty when cleaned up, Soldiers would take advantage of her. Until one day when she was resisting their advances, things turned ugly and she was beaten to death at the age of 22. She awoke in an alley several hours later, completely healed. Fearing to be called a witch and being burned at the stake, she ran for her life and left Dublin. Later, after having some time to think about her situation, she thought she might be of the Old Blood (Faerie). She began wandering from place to place gathering tales of the Faeries, making her way with midwife/nursing skills she was taught by the old midwife and occasionally run messages in and out of British occupied land for the Irish rebels. As time passed, she noticed that others aged while she didn’t. She also never got sick, not even during the Black Plaque; she took more care to never get close to anyone or stay in one place for long, traveling through out the British Isles constantly.

In 1596 when England finished pacifying Ireland, she left Ireland and arrived in France. Again getting by with her midwife/nursing skills and never staying in one place. Entering into Abberville, France in 1598, she met her first Immortals. A Frenchman who threatens to take her head and a Dutchman who steps in and challenges the Frenchman, duels him and kills him. He introduced himself as Matthew Van Dieman, a Dutch trader. He tells her about Immortals and sets himself up as her protector (keeper/master). In trade, she will use her knowledge of herbs to weaken Immortals before they challenge Van Dieman and to use her innocence to get them to drop their guard. Also, all the other fringe benefits that men take from women that they protect. Van Dieman was an arms trader and went where there was trouble brewing. In the early 1600’s, he supplied the Irish rebels. In 1602, when the Dutch East India Company was formed, he was invited to join and run the arms dealing operations. For the next couple of decades he went where war was brewing and took her along with him. 1610 to 1620, he mainly supplied the Ottoman Empire who was trying to hang on to their empire. 1620 to 1630, he supplied the German Protestants in their struggle vs. the Holy Roman Empire. 1630 to 1640 he was supplying the Chinese rebels in the Yangtze Valley, Szechan, Shan-his, Hupch, and Honan Provinces. 1640 to 1650 was a busy year. There were conflicts in India and China and he supplied everyone. The Manchu’s in Northern China, the Chinese, the Marathas, the Mughal Empire, and the Rajput Princes in India. 1660 was a slow year with some trips into Africa. 1670 he was supplying the Three Feudatories against the Manchurians. During this time, Colleen helped him defeat 6 Immortals by poisoning them or leading them into traps. She was of course never there for the actual fighting.

In 1676 Canton, China after a successful business deal with the Chinese rebels, he was beating a servant who annoyed him when a kindly old Chinese Sage interfered. Words were exchanged, a fight broke out between them. Surprisingly, the old man defeated Van Dieman, stabbing the immortal through the heart. Unfortunately for the Chinese Sage, Van Dieman wasn’t dead. The Dutch man stood up and was preparing to attack the kindly man in the back when Colleen let her feelings of fear and anger created by Van Dieman’s treatment of her and others take control of her. She picked up a meat cleaver and chopped at Van Dieman’s neck, because he always took the head of the Immortals he killed, and they always talked about taking each other’s heads. Needless to say, Van Dieman was taken by surprise by someone he thought was under his control. His spine was severed with the first blow, although it took several more blows to take off his head. The only reason Colleen stopped cutting at him was because the Quickening took her. She was despondent afterwards, knowing that she would not last long the next time she met an Immortal without a protector. The old Chinese man, Chang San Fang, in gratitude for saving his worthless life, offered to teach her how to protect herself. She accepted in gratitude, little knowing that he was a Taoist Immortal and creator of what would become one of the most effective martial arts in history. He taught her, healed her damaged spirit, and kept her safe until he died of old age 15 years later. She started traveling through China, drifting southwards when she got into her first duel with another Immortal, Cheng Chao, she barely won the duel.

She decided to leave China for the New World to start a new life, see what the new world was like and, hopefully, avoid other Immortals until she was better at fighting. She traveled by foot to Macao, wandering casually to see the sights and bought passage to Manila on a Dutch ship. From there, she traveled through the islands, visiting Australia and hopping across to Chile of South America. She started making her way north and east with no fixed goal in mind. Meeting the new people and learning about them, their way of life much different. After leaving Spanish lands, she had some trouble with the natives until during a fight for her freedom; she proved that she wasn’t mortal. After that word spread of the Red Headed wandering spirit in woman’s form. She helped out tribes with her medical skills and received help in the form of food and knowledge about the land.

She eventually arrived in the 13 colonies soon after the breakout of war between the colonies and Britain in 1775. She became a nurse for Washington’s army to help the colonist fight off the British. She was there to try to patch up the men crossing the Delaware, the battle of Saratoga, where she fought and killed an immortal that was a British officer, William Philips. And she was at the final battle in Yorktown in Oct. of 1781 where the British surrendered. She other Immortals in the new land, but they were here for the same reason as she was, to avoid fights, so they parted amicably. She traveled around the 13 colonies for about a decade until she admitted to herself that the natives weren’t being any better treated by the Americans than they were by the British. She decided that she wanted to avoid Europeans and live with and learn more about the natives. She traveled north and west to avoid the Europeans. She eventually ran across an Inuit tribe and lived on the edges of their village and traveled with them on their migrations. Knowing how to prove she wasn’t mortal, she quickly gained spirit status with the tribe. As time passed, she became the tribe’s guardian spirit. She healed, protected, and when necessary avenged the deaths of the tribe. And she worked with local Garou in the preservation of the environment. She trained continuously at T’ai Chi Ch’uan.

Civilization finally catches up to her and the tribe in 1990. Deciding that she can no longer ignore the world at large or protect the village from the new threats civilization offers, she goes out to learn about it. The tribe sets her up with an identity and some money and she traveled southwards. She exists on the edges of society, doing odd jobs, some borderline legal to keep herself feed and clothed. She stays at homeless shelters across the country, offering medical aid where she can. To make money she would at times find underground fighting tournaments and win them for the prize money. During one of these fights, she discovered Vampires. She isn’t happy that they live off of human blood, but also acknowledges that she doesn’t have the right to say they don’t have the right to exist and she has met some Vampires that she respects. And mortals treat each other equally bad. Occasionally she has found herself being the go between person between two houses, being a neutral party.

Outside of San Francisco, 2005, is where she first meets up with the Gangrel. She came upon a fight between a werewolf and a monsterous being. She thought the Gangrel was a Garou, as he was in werewolf form fighting a monster, later learning it was a Nosferatu. Together she and the Gangrel barely defeated the powerful Sabbat Nosferatu. While talking, she admitted that she probably wouldn’t have helped him against the vampire, if she had known he was a vampire also, but in hindsight, she is okay with helping him. The Gangrel thought that was amusing and he did owe her for saving him; he couldn’t have defeated the Nosferatu on his own. He escorted her into San Francisco and told his clan to take care of her.

In 2011, another Immortal found Colleen in San Francisco and they dueled, she won, despite him having more power than her. Ian James was an Immotal that aggressively hunted other Immortals to gain power, there was no chance of Colleen talking her way out, so she fought and defeated him with her superior fighting skill, gaining his power. Soon after that she took a job from Gangrel to deliver a message to Austin, to one Krash.

Alternate Names she goes by at times: Chinese: Nuhai, Dutch: Meisje, French: Fille, German: Madchen, Greek: Koritsi, Hindi: Laraki, Irish: Cailin, Italian: Ragazza, Portuguese: Menina, Russian: Devushka, Spanish: Nina, Siouan: WICICALA/ wee – chee – chah – lah

From the master swordsmiths of the Hanwei forge comes the Qi Jian, an ancient design that utilized one-piece forging. The entire sword, from pommel to tip, has been forged from a single billet of steel. This forging technique provides unparalleled strength and balance while exhibiting a clear, bell-like tone when lightly struck.
The sword’s name originates with the Qi nation, one of the many warring states that eventually formed modern China. Legend has it that Feng-Xuan, one of the Qi people and a central character in a well known folk tale, possessed such a one piece sword and would use its ringing quality to accompany his singing.
The sword’s grip is rayskin wrapped, a feature matched by the wrap on the throat of the scabbard, making for a stunningly beautiful presentation.
• One-Piece Forged Construction
• Rayskin Handle Wrap
• Superb Balance and Strength
• Blade length: 23 ½”
• Handle length: 5 ¾”
• Overall length: 31 ¾”
• Weight: 2lb

Colleen sword

Colleen of Dublin

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